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More than 20 years of experience in holistic treatment, my vision – to teach, inspire, help, love, give knowledge, awareness and touch, in order to give my patients and my students the tools for a better life

Combined massage
  • Combination number of techniques that are selected for you by the therapist according to your needs and your state of health
  • It is carried out with the use of hot almonds oil and other essential oils to choose from, or to be matched to the patient, for the release of tension and of tense muscles
Neck, shoulders and back massage
  • A targeted treatment. of the upper body. Energetic and invigorating, combining deep chinese touching and stretching. Especially effective for tense neck, shoulders
  • It is carried out with oil and with the addition of creams intended for tense muscles release. 60 minutes – 350 NIS. This treatment can be carried out in a sitting position, by previous arrangement
Scalp and face massage
  • Gentle massage which combines light pressure, without oil, with an added herbal pack for the eyes to calm and release pressure, especially beneficial for headaches, eye aches and for the opening of the energy channels
  • It can be combined with face cream or essential oils personally adapted to the patient, with the adding of ice to stimulate of the blood circulation and refreshing the face and to release the tension of face muscles
Shells massage
  • LAVA SHELLS massage with the use of hot shells. These shells are filled with Aloe Vera Gel (a sachet filled with thermal herbs and minerals, sea algae, aromatics salts and oils. All these ingredients form a reaction which results in strong heat) and they get warm for a prolonged period of time. The heat which is released from the shells causes them to free calcium ions, which generates the toning and renewal of the skin. This helps the blood circulation and by doing this releases tensions and pain. The treatment is carried out with almond oil which is spread by way of gentle pulling all over the body, and with a continuous touch, so that there is no time wasted and the heat penetrates the muscles, releasing the tension and relaxing the body in an extreme way


Couples Workshop

90MIN /550NIS

In the couple workshop, you will learn to grant and experience massage by your partner.
You will acquire the ability to create the right atmosphere, basic touching techniques, purification and organization of the room.
You will learn the correct way to connect to yourself and to your partner, without judging and with a great love.

The goal of the couple workshop is to allow couples to find the calm, confidence and healing which is found in love, by listening to one another and with the help of the right touching technique.

With no doubt, after having participated in the couple massage workshop, you will be able to enjoy massage every day, at the hands of your loving partner

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